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Malaysian Pest Control provides a comprehensive range of pest control and management services for all segments from end-users, businesses, warehouses, condominiums, churches, schools, industrial units. In addition, we also serve the following segments:

  1. Construction Industry – Soil Treatment

2. Food Industry – HACCP and other food safety standards

We treat and solve these Pest Problems

Your 1 Stop Solution in Pest Control:

1. Termites (White Ants) Inspection and Extermination – report and treatment.

2. Bed Bugs

3. Pre-construction or soil treatment

4. Mosquitos Control

5. Rats & Rodents Control

6 Subterranean Termites Baiting System

7. Rats baiting for Warehouses, Godowns, Domestics Houses, Estates (Palm oil farm / rubber plantation)

8. Post Construction Drilling or Soil Treatment of Building Foundations.

9. Wood Treatment – Preserve wood timbers against wood pests.

10. Garden Spraying and Fogging for extermination of leeches, mosquitoes, ants, flies, dog ticks, fleas, millipedes, centipedes and etc.

11. Trapping (Cage) of snakes, strate animals, civet cats(musang)

12. Birds control

13. Permanent wire mesh barricades / proofing of roofs against rats, musangs, bats, snakes, birds, etc.

14. Flies Control

Quality Assured

Malaysian Pest Control Sdn Bhd is proud to announce our ISO 9001 certification, ensuring our commitment to quality and excellence in pest control services.

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