Do you offer free inspections or estimates for your services?

Do you offer free inspections or estimates for your services?

At Malaysian Pest Control (MPC), we uphold the highest standards of service. While we understand that some pest control companies offer free inspections or low-cost entry services, we believe in delivering quality that reflects the true cost of our expertise, time, and resources.

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Performing a site inspection involves manpower, time, and fuel costs. Therefore, we impose a minimal charge for site inspections. This approach allows us to provide thorough and professional inspections that you can trust, ensuring we identify and understand the full scope of your pest problem.

However, we’re committed to providing convenient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Therefore, we recommend potential clients to send photographs via WhatsApp for a pre-visit quotation. We also offer free consultations over the phone to provide initial guidance and assessments. After this, you can decide whether you’d like to proceed with our services.

Our business approach, since our inception in 1967, has always been about fairness to all our stakeholders. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to maintaining this commitment now and into the future.

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