Pest control price or charges?

Pest Control Price or Charges?

pest control price or charges

Pricing Reference Guide

Fair pricing is our business value. At MPC, we do not offer unreasonable low prices that would jeopardise the quality of work. We take pride in our professional services and the price shall reflect the standard of our work.

Types of servicesPrice starting from
Inspection (Termites Infestation)F.O.C
Inspection (Commercial / Industrial)F.O.C
Other Inspection
** Rebate to offset our initial service charge
RM 80.00**
Ad-Hoc Treatment (Urgent call)RM 150.00
General Pest Control – Ants, Cockroaches (Residual Spray)RM 120.00
General Pest Control – Baiting (eg. Ants / Cockroaches)RM 120.00
General Pest Control – Composite treatmentsRM 150.00
Fogging – MosquitosRM 150.00
Larviciding – Mosquitos Control (Add on) RM 50.00
Fly Control – TrapsDepends on models
Fly Control – ZapperDepends on models
Fly Control – BaitsRM 250.00
Rodent Control – Baiting (Anti-Coagulant) (min 2 visits)RM 200.00
Rodent Control – Baiting (Non-Anti-Coagulant) (min 2 visits)RM 250.00
Rodent Control – Traps (TRBS) RM 80.00
Netting Work RM 1,000.00
Termites – Monitoring Stations (Baiting)RM 1,000.00
Termites – Baiting (with Active White Ants Infestation)RM 1,500.00
Termites – Drilling (Termiticide treatment)RM 2,000.00
Termites – Residual SprayRM 120.00
Other types of Pest Control & TreatmentsContact Us


  1. Prices listed above are for reference. Please contact us for quotation for the required pest control works and treatments. Whatsapp Us today.
  2. We provide options to pest control works and treatments – for instance: Insecticides that are HACCP approved would be more costlier. At MPC, we adhere to honest pricing policy. Our prices commensurate with quality service (e.g. follow up, visit call, re-inspection, etc). There are always option for cheaper alternative and as well as premium option.
  3. Our work is carried out according to the specifications and requirements. For instance, customers often are unable to distinguish if the correct dilution of chemical being used. At MPC – we do not carry out sub-standard work.

Factors Affecting Pricing

Determining the cost of pest control services isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Several factors come into play when calculating the final pricing. Here at Malaysian Pest Control (MPC), we believe in providing value for your money while ensuring a thorough and effective pest management service. Here are the primary aspects we consider:

1. Scale of the Problem: The size or extent of the pest problem significantly influences the cost. A small, local infestation will typically be less expensive to handle than a large-scale, widespread issue.

2. Property Size and Location: Larger properties require more resources, including manpower and treatment solutions, hence leading to a higher cost. Similarly, location plays a crucial role too. Remote or hard-to-reach places might involve additional travel or operational costs.

3. Type of Pest: Not all pests are created equal. Some pests, like bed bugs and termites, are more stubborn and require specialized treatments, thus potentially raising the cost.

4. Infestation Situations: The severity and complexity of the infestation also affect the price. If pests have deeply infiltrated your property, requiring multiple treatments or advanced techniques, the cost will reflect this complexity.

5. Frequency Of Visits: Pest control isn’t always a one-and-done service. Some infestations may require regular visits to ensure that the problem is fully eradicated and to prevent recurrence.

6. Types of Pesticides: Imported Pesticides manufactured by big names like BASF, Bayer, FMC, Syngenta, Sumitomo would definitely cost more than the locally manufactured alternatives.

7. Pest Control Strategies: There are various approaches to how you wish to control and manage pests. For instance – with termites infestation, you might want to go for baiting approach or termiticide (drilling & injecting chemical) approach. There are pros and cons to each approach as well as price differences.

Additional Factors: We also consider the type of treatment needed, whether it’s chemical, non-chemical, or a combination. Safety precautions, the need for ongoing monitoring, and any guarantees or warranties provided can also impact the final cost.

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pest control price or charges

It’s important to note that while some companies may offer very low-cost services, such as RM88 treatments, this isn’t something that MPC follows. We prioritize quality and effectiveness over merely being the cheapest option on the market. We believe that a cheap price often means cutting corners, compromising both the service quality and ultimately, the satisfaction of our customers.

pest control price

At Malaysian Pest Control, we have been trusted by customers for over 55 years, a testament to our emphasis on quality and effectiveness over merely being the cheapest option on the market. Our wealth of experience not only stands as proof of our reliability but also as a guarantee of our commitment to providing the best possible pest control solutions. We firmly believe that a cheap price often equates to cutting corners, compromising both the service quality and, ultimately, the satisfaction of our customers. With MPC, you’re investing in a service you can trust, rooted in decades of expertise and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Malaysian Pest Control Sdn Bhd is proud to announce our ISO 9001 certification, ensuring our commitment to quality and excellence in pest control services.

pest control price and charges

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