Pest Controls for Businesses

Pest Controls for Businesses

pest control for businesses

Malaysian Pest Control is committed to meeting the unique needs of various business sectors, particularly where the stakes for pest management are high, such as in food processing environments where the risk of contamination or sabotage is a primary concern. Here’s how we align our services to cater to these sector-specific needs:

  1. Malaysian Pest Control will provide the needed evidence to affirm that our services meet the standards specified for your site.
  2. Our team consists of trained professionals who hold the necessary qualifications to ensure top-level service.
  3. Malaysian Pest Control maintains the requisite insurance coverage. Given the specific nature of insurance requirements, please communicate any particular insured sum that your operations might necessitate.
  4. We are proud to be a part of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia, and we are fully licensed by the appropriate authorities for the management and application of pesticides.

Need for non-chemical methods

In environments where the use of chemical pest control methods is either prohibited or not recommended, such as food production areas, the risk of product contamination or sabotage by rodenticide baits necessitates alternative strategies.

At Malaysian Pest Control, we could employing non-chemical methods like physical trapping, insect traps, adhesive pads, and non-residual organic sprays as effective measures.

For industries where reporting and record maintenance align with best manufacturing practices, Malaysian Pest Control supports these requirements by:

  1. Offering advice and training on maintaining a pest sightings log.
  2. Providing periodic pest control reports that serve as a comprehensive audit trail, including details like treatment dates, identified pests, pesticides used, quantities, and more.
  3. Maintaining additional records such as safety data sheets, site risk assessments, and insurance details.

Pest Training & Development

Regarding training requirements for pest awareness and management, Malaysian Pest Control is equipped to enhance departmental personnel’s expertise in pest control and integrated pest management, focusing on understanding pests and their behaviors as well as prevention strategies.

For more detailed and intensive training needs, we offer programs through our training division, Genesis Origo, which are HRDC Claimable, ensuring both compliance and skill development in pest management practices.

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