Bed Bugs Treatment : Get Ready

Bed Bugs Treatment : Get Ready

Get Ready Bed Bugs Treatment

After getting a scheduled visit from our Pest Technicians, what must I do regarding my bed bugs treatment? Do I need to get myself prepared?

Get your place ready for Bed Bugs Treatment as follows:

  1. Kitchen Area – put away all food, dishes, pots, other small kitchen appliances in a closed cupboards or drawers.
  2. Living Room and bedroom – Move all furniture and other items at least 60cm away from the walls (if possible). Do not leave things on top of your couch or sofa like pillows, soft toys.
  3. All other rooms – take everything off the floor, sweep them. Vacuum the floor (if you have a vacuum).

Bed Bugs don’t jump

Bed Bugs are not like fleas – they don’t jump. They spread by hitch-hiking. So, if you have a particular room that has been infested with bed bugs – avoid transferring furniture, bed sheets, clothing to other rooms. Instead you should launder them, and put them through dryer for at least 30 minutes under highest heat setting.

If you do come across heavily infested items – dispose them.


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